Attire Asia Buyer's own department of sourcing and buying quality garments…

Honesty, integrity, professionalism and commitment are in the center of our relentless pursuance in achieving the perfection in products and reliability in the industry. We work day and night with fullest capacity for our valued customers as their own department would do to Fulfill/ achieve the objective. We find peace and tranquility in delivering products and services with the desired quality defined by our clients. We believe life and ultimate growth of our business rests in maintaining the highest level of ethical standard in each and every dealings with our honorable clients and partners.

We have one of the best team in Bangladesh garment industry comprising with long term experienced merchandisers, highly paid efficient quality controllers and years long tested reliable suppliers. We have worked successfully for customers from Japan, Europe and Russia. In truly globalised world our team knows the diversified test of our global customers from different corners of the globe. Wherever our clients may be they feel homely in real harmony working with our team no matter whatever the distance between us. We find comfort and success in delivering the comfort and success to our valued buyers.

Our main objective is to serve the /our clients in solving the problem realizing their pain, suffering and inconvenience as our own. Hence we do not consider ourselves as a buying agent rather we believe we are the own sourcing and buying department of our buyers. We design our procedure and course of action considering the day to day need of our clients and set our ultimate goal as achieving the satisfaction of our clients by delivering the desired quality products in required time. Thus being the indivisible loyal partner of our clients is our policy to keep us thriving and growing really in a challenging globalised business place.


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