Fabric & Yarn

Our team includes some top level Textile engineers in Bangladesh who have experience of working for renowned fabric & yarn manufacturers, setting up their own fabric supplying companies and long years teaching experience in textile universities. We understand all kind of yarns and fabrics in the world by their hundreds of different weaves and characteristics as we understand our own children being raised under our eyes. We lead the fabric and yarn part of the industry by knowledge, educate the top level executives in their quest for expertise and solve difficult problems regarding it. Now not only our mates and friends run the industry but also our students are well established in key leading positions. We have been strongly connected with a wide range of leading fabric & yarn manufacturing units throughout the world from China, Pakistan and Turkey through our knowledge, practical work, expertise and experience. As a result our combination of experience & expertise with the linkage of leading manufacturing units has really turned us into efficient supplier of quality yarns and fabrics with highest possible competitive price. After the confirmation of price we ourselves first test the quality of the yarn and fabric which will finally be delivered.

The following part is new…

We maintain top-class professionalism to deliver your required products timely to meet the lead time.

Our manufacturers have been supplying regularly different types of fabric and yarn to the world's renowned buyers like H&M, ZARA, WALL MART, M&S, LI and FUNG etc.

Yarn: Being an essential part of fabric we pay immense importance to the quality and characteristics of the yarn like yarn twist , linear density , yarn strength , yarn elongation , yarn evenness , yarn hairiness and so on. Considering these we do supply the following yarns:

Cotton, Nylon (6 and6,6), Spandex(20D,30D,40D,70D,110D,140D), Polyester (DTY, POY, FDY, PSF), Filament, Acrylic, Core-spun, Viscose, Melange and other blended yarns.

Fabric: Cotton, TC, PC, Twill, Voil, Chambray, Denim, Cord etc. of different GSM.

We are greatly concerned on testing report of light, perspiration, wash and other fastness properties. We are very careful in maintaining accurate GSM, upholding desirable Tearing & Tensile strength, avoiding Shrinkage and Shade to Shade variation and achieving the highest cuttable width. We are very sensitive and keen to avoid Azo dyes and other harmful substances during manufacturing process.


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