We have been living from days and nights to the months and years in the procedure of producing garments from design to final shipment without any pause or deviation. We know from its core the demand and skill, pain and pleasure of this procedure of making garments and doing on-time delivery. As we have the clear insight of the procedure and experience of years long pursuance, we can predict early in case any problem arises on any steps in the course and take precautionary and preemptive measures to fix the problem before it can make any negative impact on the outcome.

We have more than 50 workable manufacturing units of woven, knit, sweater garments and home textile of varying capacity from four to thousand production lines maintaining different compliances in our direct networks and we can source many more. We maintain zero risk tolerance and focus on total compliance in sourcing manufacturing units for our buyers.

Through the years of dealing with local and international vendors we have establish a very strong and effective supply chain. During these long years of filtering the suppliers we have selected our own reliable and efficient friends and partners with whom our transaction and working relation have been very trustworthy and flawless.

We know from where to procure the best product with best price through our decade old establishment of strong, dedicated and workable network of vendors. So from the very beginning in root level we achieve competitiveness in price and quality by acquiring the best products with best price.

Inflexibility is in the heart of our relentless pursuance of quality, is demonstrated through each plan we implement and every step we take. We strictly maintain quality check from the development of sample to inline quality control during production and finally in finishing stage. As a team we feel restless and agitated until we achieve the desired quality standard set by our buyers. Quality and only quality is in the incentive process and control mechanism of our team. So we are very open with full confidence to any kind of third party inspection from any corner of the world.


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